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Professional Biography of Arthur Reid, Jr.

Arthur Reid, Jr., is the founder, president and CEO of Reid’s New Golden Gate Funeral Home. Mr. Reid has more than 50 years of experience in the funeral business in the Milwaukee community.

Arthur was born in Jackson, TN and is the fourth child of seven children. At the age of 13 his parents decided to move their family to Milwaukee, WI with hopes of giving their children as many opportunities as possible to prosper. Arthur was a hard working young man that at a young age knew that he wanted to be his own boss, very successful and able to help his family financially. He was a young entrepreneur.

Arthur was always known to have a job; and ironically they all were in the public service industry. When he finally decided that he no longer wanted to work for someone, Arthur opened the first black owned security agency in Milwaukee; Northtown Security Police. He had managed to obtain contracts with businesses from small stores to Milwaukee County contracts with the Milwaukee County Arena, Auditorium, Milwaukee County Stadium, State Fair and Summerfest. From this business he started a limousine service which piggy backed off of the contracts he had with Milwaukee County, which enabled to meet and create beneficial relationships with celebrities. Both businesses were lucrative and successful.

Although Arthur had two successful businesses he felt that his true calling was in the funeral business. He began to transition from one business profession to making his dream of owning and operating his own funeral home come true. After closing the security agency, Arthur opened his first funeral home, which was successful, and subsequently he has been in the funeral business what has come to be 50 years.

Arthur is both devoted and dedicated to his wife Mary, four daughters, grandchildren and two great grandsons. Arthur is active in his church, St Matthew C.M.E. Church and in the community. He has received multiple awards and recognitions from the City of Milwaukee, local television stations, various churches and community organizations. Mr. Reid is a lifetime NAACP member as well as a recipient of the Black Excellence Award. Arthur annually makes contributes to various organizations to help our youth further their education by providing computers, IPADS and Bibles. All of which he says has made him and keeps him humble.

The most important reason that Arthur Reid, Jr. has been successful in servicing the Milwaukee community for 50 years in the funeral industry is that Arthur understands the needs of the people he serves. Arthur’s business motto is “If you care enough to give your loved ones the best” a motto that he stands behind. No matter what a family’s financial situation or circumstance, every family is treated with the same professional and dignified service that he provides.

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