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Q & A with Walter Wilson

1. Kelley Law Firm: What does it Mean to Be Walter Wilson?
WW: I was born into the industry. My family still operates Wilson Funeral Home in Tampa and Holmes Funeral Home in Haynes City Florida.

2. Kelley Law Firm: I was the best in Dallas because…
WW: I saw the need to bring first class service to the community. I graduated from Gupton Jones College of Mortuary Science in Dallas, Texas in 1950 and decided to make it home.

3. Kelley Law Firm: I brought__________To the funeral industry.
WW: New ideas, concepts and set standards that others would follow. Being uniformed brought a sense of prideand professionalism that had not been a focus.

4. Kelley Law Firm: When I’m gone I want undertakers to remember…
WW: That I was a man of honesty, integrity and very concerned about the community.

5. Kelley Law Firm: When I hear people call me a legend, I…
WW: Appreciate the comment and continue to give each family the best possible service during a difficult period. Nine funeral home owners in the metroplex trained and gained valuable work experience while employees of Lott’s Mortuary. That is the best compliment to me.

6. Kelley Law Firm: Kelley Law Firm is my law firm because…
WW: They have proven to be competent and very versatile attorneys while handling a variety of issues for my collogues and me.

7. Kelley Law Firm: You can have personality and be an undertaker…
WW: As long as you are open minded, willing to give of yourself, and enjoy yourself in what ever you do.

8. Kelley Law Firm: A Cadillac…
WW: Is a symbol that has always been related to the funeral business. The color depends on the individual and my choice was bronze, which I feel shows respect.

Lott’s Mortuary is located at 2434 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., Dallas, TX 75215-2303

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