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Q&A With Derrick Gunn

Q. Mr. Gunn tell us about your families history in the funeral business, when was it founded?
A. I became a funeral owner in 1999 at the age of 26yrs old but was 14 yrs old when I started to learn about the funeral business. I have always taken care of families…this is not a job for me… this a way of life.

Q. In central arkansas gunn funeral home is well known what would you like for those across the country to known about your home/services?
A. That we provide a high level of services to our customers, we go above and beyond. We care and provide care for our families and that is very important to us. When someone looses a love one our focus is that they are cared for not only in the burial process but overall, its our goal to provide the type of service that gives our families the comfort they deserve in what can be a very emotional time.

Q. “Putting Families First” tell us a little bit about this mantra?

A. Well… when families loose a loved one there are a number of things that goes through their mind and we focus on taking care them and their needs and by putting them first we are providing care for them and provide a high level of service in their time of need. Whatever the families need we will go above and beyond for them.

Q. In a day and time of many options in the funeral business what sets Gunn funeral home apart from the pack?
A. Personal Touch..the fact that I am an owner and I am involved with every single family and body , along with the fact that we are passionate about what we do and who we serve, our number one priority is to ensure families get exactly what they need.

Q. Mr. Gunn tell us how gunn funeral home has had success as a leader in business but also the community of central arkansas? A. We make it a point to support local churches, local organiza- tions of as we are also apart of the same community. By providing help to shelter homes and prisons, by talking to people we make it a point that anyone can have success in the business field. Helping them understand that anyone can have success just like me, just stay committed , passionate and most importantly patient success does not happen overnight but you have to have faith that you can and will achieve any and all of your dreams.

Q. Tell us how the support of family and friends has been vital to your business success?
A. My family has been very supportive throughout the years, they are the only reason I have been successful as I have been to date. My fiancé, 2yr old daughter and 5yr old son are very giving with their time and I make it point to show them my appreciation, Its amazing to watch my son grow and admire what I do he really enjoys coming to the home everyday and will definitely be following in his father’s footsteps as the next generation of the family business. My father is also an important part of my day to day, his role as marketing con- sultant for our Stuttgart location has been key in providing eastern Arkansas families with the same service central Arkansas families have come to love and respect from Gunn Funeral Home.

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