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The Gloucester Institute

The Gloucester Institute was established in 2006 as a haven for political and other leaders seeking to produce effective results in change in American society, as well as a campus for emerging college-age leaders to learn the skills they would need as the next generation of mindful and effective leaders. The county of Gloucester provides a peaceful place to restore and refresh leaders, and to train and nurture emerging leaders, while the Institute provides an intellectually safe environment where ideas can be discussed and transformed into practical solutions that produce results. The Gloucester Institute also works to continue the work and memory of Dr. Robert Russa Moton, one of our unsung innovators of African American education, through programs, activities, and maintenance of his historic home, Holly Knoll, in Cappahosic. Following many renovations and restorations to the property, the home was named a top place to learn civil rights history by USA Today!

Much of The Gloucester Institute’s energy is devoted to teaching students leadership and professional skills and etiquette. Since its founding, the Institute has impacted the lives of over 2,200 minority students through programs such as the year-long Emerging Leaders Program and the summer Moton Fellows Program. The Emerging Leaders Program works to strengthen students’ core writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills as they gain valuable insight into corporate, public, political, and nonprofit worlds through exposure to new ideas, fascinating places, and dynamic established leaders. The Moton Fellowship Program offers a select group of highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to experience one-on-one coaching and mentoring from some of the leading experts and practitioners in business, government, and nonprofit organizations, while also working at The Gloucester Institute’s administrative office in downtown Richmond, Virginia.

Two of our many successful Emerging Leaders Program participants are Darrian Mack and Maurice Kuykendoll. Mr. Mack was the president of Hampton University’s Student Government Association (SGA) when he enrolled in the Institute’s Emerging Leaders Program. Following his college career, Mr. Mack was such a successful leader that the Institute recruited him as our Director of Programs, a role in which he excelled for two years before moving to a career at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. He is currently VMFA’s Director of Audience Engagement. Mr. Kuykendoll was also a student at Hampton at the time of his enrollment. Upon graduation from Hampton, he became the Gen X/Gen Y Market Manager for Prudential Life Insurance before returning to school to pursue a Master’s in Business from Harvard Business School. Mr. Kuykendoll currently works as Chief of Staff to the Chief Financial Officer at Prudential, and also serves as a member of The Gloucester Institute’s Board of Directors. There is almost nothing we enjoy more than seeing our students use the skills we’ve taught them to achieve excellence in the workplace and change the world around them!

Scott’s Funeral Home is greatly respected in Richmond, and the caliber of excellence set over 100 years ago by its founder and now continued by former partner (since 1975) and current president and owner (since 2002), Richard Lambert, is in perfect alignment with the goals we set for our students here at the Gloucester Institute. We encourage our students to strive for excellence and to always maintain their sense of dignity, much as Robert C. Scott lived his life and as Scott’s Funeral Home continues to demonstrate in all aspects of its business. We admire Scott’s Funeral Home’s century-long dedication to the utmost professionalism and dignity as we celebrate the completion of restorations to a little-known chapter of African American history this holiday!

We always enjoy answering questions and hearing words of encouragement from potential supporters! Our administrative offices are located in Richmond, VA, while Holly Knoll, Dr. Moton’s retirement home and our current student campus, is located in Gloucester, VA. To schedule a tour of the home and the campus, please call Mr. C.J Sailor at (804) 644-6290. Please also “Like” us on Facebook and visit to check out all the new and exciting developments! Any donations made through the website are always appreciated, as they allow us to maintain and constantly improve our programs to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of current and future students!

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